Produced, recorded and mixed by Robin Carlo at Safehaven Recordings (BE) www.safehavenrecordings.be - Mastered by New Alliance East (Boston - USA) www.newallianceeast.com - Artwork by Niels C.

Skin & Bones Records will be releasing the album physically in June 2014. Pre-orders will go up early May, stay tuned.



released January 6, 2014



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Track Name: Crawling In Reverse
This curse to get stuck in the moment
When control becomes a far lost matter

Turning every thought into depth
Avoiding fact and its deeper end

They said
Crawl the road home
Follow the arrows through your chest

It’s still a return trip to this mess
Where sober hearts don’t exist
Track Name: Trashcanman
I don't fear the reaper
He should fear me
Have you been there all along?
Did you see me evolve at all?

It started with a match
Now there's no parole
My heart's to cold to hold
You could never control

You liked me best when I was helpless
The tyranny of the strong and selfish
Leads you on

I'm the one that digs your shallow grave
The time will eat of your bones
I went alone, haven't slept in days
Here lies your God dethroned
Track Name: The Boy Who Cried Wolf
It's been a while since I barked at the moon
Now behold the howling
Of a legion in bloom
We had the time
To breed on ideas
You don't know
What is wrong with me?
Brighter days come to
Those who know how to wait
And we waited long enough
We stood by and watched it all turn to shit
It's not about flipping the script

It's all desert
There is no well
And the wolves come out

It's been a while since I barked at the moon
Now behold the howling
Of a legion in bloom
It's like a rusty nail
Tearing through the veil
In a world of pain
We regain our strength

Peel the skin
Look underneath
We're the same
Track Name: I Thought We Banned People Like You
You know I heard them say
Love is the cure
But it tears you up

Strips you down
I'm tired of fighting

Left the cape at home

As for my mask
I'm still wearing it
It won't come of

There's a crust on my heart
There's this thing that won't go away
I fantasize about ways to die
Can't wait to suffer

You know I heard them say
Stay persistent
Things are meant to be
But it's a fading dream
The stigma keep me busy
It's all true - It's all true

There's a crust on my heart
There's this thing that won't go away

Love is the cure
But it tears you up
Track Name: Little Love Bird
I warned you
you'd get lost in the woods all on your own
Little lovebird sing
I warned you, at any cost
don't turn around
Just sing, sing, sing

Take the long way home
Look death in the eye
They don't know us
and they never will

You lay there
You looked death in the eye
It's all over now.
Track Name: Hank Williams Is Gone
I keep dwelling on the past
And things seem stagnant
For a while now

What does It all mean
It feels so odd to stand besides you
Is this supposed to be where I take my fall

Eat sleep pay your way but stay committed
Just stay committed

I keep the past with me at all times
Track Name: Heading Nowhere Fast
It's getting tough to even walk the streets at night
Better duck the fuck down
We're scared of life
Feels like like a tight rope over hell
Don't look down

I don't owe a thing to you
Now that I know what it takes
Fuck you
I know when things are wrong
It has a different feel
It's all down from here
We're heading nowhere fast

Track Name: Rehearsing Affection
Coward - Cover your face

I kept you close
You kept me around
You swam with them
Now you shall drown

Ignorance will be bliss again
We've gotten used to it
There's nothing left to defend

The world is diseased
And so are you
What do you mean you don't need my help?

This isn't real
I can see through the glitches
Of your little sorry life

Coward - Covered in shame
Cover your face
Track Name: Maggots Turn To Flies
They try to build you up
It's a lie

Numb you down with love
It's all a lie

Before it's too late

Get down on your knees

It means more to them then to you

We're all so selfish

The end of you
The end of me
Doesn't mean a thing
Maggots turn to flies
Flies will lay their eggs
And that's all there is
Track Name: Worms Feed On Us
My mind goes blank and I'm crawling around on my teeth
The end is near - I'm alive
But I just can't stand on my feet

No one knows
Look at their faces
Killing time
They're all wasted

Hey, what do you wanna be?
Keep a spot for me
Oh, you gave up too...
That's ok